Virginia Is for (Same-Race) Lovers

Ok, my title isn’t precisely what it says on our license plates:


But until 1967, interracial marriage was illegal in Virginia, as it was in 24 other states. Fifty years ago today, on June 12, 1967, the Supreme Court ruled that laws prohibiting interracial marriage were unconstitutional. Today is Loving Day!

The case was Loving v. Virginia. If you wrote a novel whose centerpiece was a court case on marriage named “Loving v. Virginia” the editor would send the manuscript back to you with a note reading, “Contrived. Change the name.” But that was the name of the couple who challenged Virginia’s laws against interracial marriage.  As the kids say today, “For reals.” (The kids still say that, right?)

In the late 1950s, Richard, a white man, and Mildred, a black woman, fell in love and wanted to get married. Because it was illegal in Virginia for them to do so, they hopped on a train up to Washington, D.C. and got married there.


In Virginia, they were arrested. The case eventually reached U.S. Supreme Court which overturned Virginia’s miscegenation law in 1967.

There is a new movie out about the people involved in the case called Loving:

Needless to say, commentators at the Alt-Right sites are not impressed with the new movie.  For example at American Renaissance we find things like:

This is an example of the media brainwashing.

One such movie about a White woman gang raped by US Blacks or Euro-Muslims and mentally, psychologically, physically damaged for life, one such move would change the world.

Or the life of ONE single white busing student getting bullied by Blacks for years on end.

But it will not happen.

No one quite gets it that exactly this is the reason why liberals are liberals, why people vote left, why people vote immigration

Relentless manipulation of the information we see and hear. The only way to deprogram this brainwashing is daily reading of Amren, Vdare, Breitbart, …..

One genetic expert opined:

Interracial mating, especially if done by whites with blacks is a disaster. White DNA is recessive and it shows when whites mix with blacks: the child always looks black. As a parent, don’t you want your child to resemble your physical appearance and intelligence (most whites aren’t on board with IQ differences yet). Blonde, red and brown hair will give way to black brillo pad hair. Blue and green eyes will give away to the most common eye color in the world: brown. Not that there’s anything wrong with brown eyes. I think white women with pale white skin and brown eyes are attractive, but on other races brown eyes look boring. Its natural to have a strong racial identity; however, an interracial child will never have that. They will grown up torn between two races; be indifferent to race altogether or resent one race, most often their white side. Only white people can produce white children and carry on Western Civilization. Other cultures can mimic and copy it, but only we can produce it because its in our DNA.

Such noxious views might still be more widespread than we care to think. Almost 30% of Mississippi Republicans still oppose interracial marriage, for example.

The Loving case overturned the Virginia Racial Integrity Act of 1924. When, during oral argument, Chief Justice Earl Warren asked plaintiff’s attorney, Philip J. Hirschkop, what relevance the events of 1924 had for the world of the 1960s, Hirschkop replied:

Because some of the statutes we have were enacted then, all the registration statutes were enacted in 1924 Your Honor.These are the statutes basically which you have to have a — a certificate of racial composition in the State of Virginia. The statutes which we find absolutely mostly odious, the statutes will reflect back to Nazi Germany and to the present South African situation.

The Nazis!!!  What about Godwin’s law, which claims that the side which invokes the Nazis or Hitler shuts off any discussion? The idea behind Godwin’s law is that, because the Nazis were so uniquely evil, that any comparison must be offered in bad faith, as a way to poison the well, and thus shut off discussion. The problem is, to act as if the Nazis were uniquely evil, somehow outside history is to make a grave error. The Nazis didn’t just pop out of nowhere, somebody influenced them to act as they did and to do the things they did. And, tragically, the United States’s racial laws were a big influence on Nazi racial laws.

The Nazis’ racial laws were inspired by earlier, American racial laws. One example of the similarity between Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act and the racial laws of Nazi Germany is provided by scholar Judy Scales-Trent. Suppose for a moment you are a person in Virginia in the 1940s who wants get married. How does the state of Virginia know your race? How can they prove you are a white person? Or a black person? Similarly, how did the Nazis prove that Jews were Jews and thus subject to the horrendous antisemitic laws passed to persecute them? Scales-Trent shows that they didn’t. The state did not have to prove anything, the burden of proof was entirely on the individual. In other words, you had to produce paperwork, like birth certificates for you and your parents to prove your own race. The same happened in Nazi Germany: good Aryans had to have the paperwork to prove they were Aryans.

Throughout the 1930s, American eugenicists worked closely with German eugenicists about the supposed biological dangers of inter-racial breeding and other matters. Our old pal, Lothrop Stoddard, for example, visited the Third Reich in 1939, meeting Heinrich Himmler and other high officials and noting with approval their sterilization methods.

Virginia had its own version of Stoddard, sort of a minor-league Madison Grant. The chief ideologist of the Virginia Racial Integrity Act was a man named Earnest Sevier Cox (1880-1966). Cox provided the intellectual ammunition of the Racial Integrity Act with his 1923 book, White America. There he wrote:

Our color problem is primarily that arising from the presence and the increase of the African in our midst. We have an Asiatic color problem and also one arising from an ever closer contact with the mix-breeds of Latin America; but the Negro problem overshadows all others, both in gravity and in interest. This book is written with our Negro problem in mind, but the problems arising from contact with the yellow and mix-breed races differ only in degree from those arising from contact with the Negro. Scientific research has done much toward establishing the following propositions:

1. The White race has founded all civilizations.

2. The White race remaining White has not lost civilization.

3. The White race become hybrid has not retained civilization.

The data presented in the succeeding chapters seem to justify the above conclusions. In one form or another they will be often repeated. (p.2)

Never as famous as Grant or Stoddard, Cox did outlive them.  Grant died in 1937, before he saw the Nazis fully implement his racist vision.  Stoddard died in obscurity in 1950, no longer welcome on the lecture circuit because of his close association with Nazi racial doctrines. Cox, however, lived until 1966, the year before his greatest achievement was overturned by the Supreme Court. His post-World War II years were spent trying to get legislation passed to move African Americans “back” to Africa, and closely corresponding with Nazi racial theorists like Hans F.K. Guenther and newly minted American neo-Nazis.

The Loving’s victory in the Supreme Court over these ugly racist beliefs was a victory for us all. Seek out the new movie and think about how great a thing it was that love conquered the intellectual defense of racism started by Cox and other bastions of society.

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